In our work during each sprint we simultaneously apply the following steps:



1. Analyze your Regression Tests in terms of Return On Investment (ROI)

Identify where the quick ROI is in your regression tests. Lacetech focuses the effort to deliver automation of those tests in 6-8 months.





2. Automate real and relevant manual tests, in imporove your Regression Tests

— > Dedicated team – Lacetech focuses its effort not only on development but also on training your QA team.

— > Lacetech offers an open source platform (Test Harness) for your company to use. Why reinvent the wheel? By using the Test Harness your teams will save between three (3) to eight (8) months of development.





3 Provide a constant feedback from all teams during each sprint

Managers, developers and testers can see the evolution of the project for each sprint (usually every two weeks). How? The tests will run in parallel through our virtual platform after any change to your software.





4. Automate the tests for the new features handle by your QA team

The QA team participates in automating tests and training. Developers and testers can run any automated tests easily to validate fixes or new features. Managers see the ROI for the company progressively every two weeks.