OLA - Online Layout Analyzer

Cross-Browser Testing Tool: Web designers can automatically identify display discrepancies between browsers, URLs and validate the responsiveness of the website.

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  • Test Automation Consulting

    I’ve been hearing since the ’90s about test automation as the solution to everything in software development. Today we’re in 2018 and I don’t understand why it is so ...

  • Automation in the Fast Lane

    In our work during each sprint we simultaneously apply the following steps:     1. Analyze your Regression Tests in terms of Return On Investment (ROI) Identify where the quick ROI is ...

  • Execution of your automated tests

    Lacetech manages and executes your automated tests in all system on the market We execute all your test without interrupting your work-flow and without affecting your cost.   Think quality ...

    • About Lacetech

      About Lacetech

      Lacetech is a consulting company specializing in test automation. Julian Tinoco, from Montreal, Canada, is the founder of the company. He participated in and lead various projects in the field of test automation....

      September 27, 2018
    • What We Offer

      What We Offer

      Reduce the human intervention in regression testing, automating the most relevant cases in terms of ROI (return on investment).   Train your Quality Assurance Team to automate the next level of your tests   Increase your manpower through ou...

      September 27, 2018
    • Why Choose Us

      Why Choose Us

      Experience developing Frameworks to Automated Tests Good achievements: Reduce about 3 weeks of Regression Tests, replacing the manual tests to automated tests. (In eight mounts) Automate: Web sites, Mobiles applications, Embedded systems....

      September 27, 2018

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Julian Tinoco

Good team player, responsible and methodical with a natural curiosity and passion for programming, automation, embedded systems and focused in ROI Measures

Alex G.

Creative and problem solver, proactive, analytic, autonomous, quick learner, team player, results oriented, “Can-Do” attitude

Marc Lemire

Bachelor in computer engineering, demonstrates strong skills in analysis, programming and teamwork. Demonstrates autonomy and perseverance for problem solving

Sebastian Galvis

Focused on the effort to do things right, from an idea to a finished and functional projects


    Julian Tinoco



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